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Merge Design-Merge Design v1.15.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Merge Design-Merge Design v1.15.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) introduction

Merge Design is a place where you can unleash your creativity by decorating your home, creating meetings between customers and companies, and receiving assigned requests. Part of this job is to ensure customer satisfaction with the highest quality designs. Event-style home decoration requests will be made in the near future to create a cozy space to welcome the big holidays of the year. Renovate the interior and get tons of rewards!


Merge Design’s home decoration story will continue through different levels. From low to high, players are involved in requirements from easy to difficult. You will have to move to new places to observe the house when starting out. On a smaller scale, perhaps you just need to perfect a corner in a room to be able to level up. The system will continue to refresh the task and issue thoroughly new commands to help you have an even more exciting experience.


The game is geared towards the requirements of creativity and agile thinking to help players predict the next possible situations in Merge Design. Endless sources of inspiration will come from many sides, but you should select them and use them effectively. Beautiful images depicting objects and rooms will be applied, and graphic technology supports this activity. Lovely characters will tell you some stories, advice, or creative ideas.


In Merge Design, most tasks will be delivered to you via a mailbox, where you will read and start working on them when eligible. Their large number and variety are their characteristics. Any location applies, a home, a private room, or even a workplace. Note, you need to change the style to suit each environment. Quickly grasp new trends to use for your next mission!


The items in the store will serve you during the interior decoration of Merge Design, and you need to pay coins to make these transactions. However, the game is free for anyone; your coins after completing the mission will support this activity. New updates will be announced on the server; when you have requests for bug fixes, we will research and find a way to fix them. More puzzles and quests, are you ready?

KEY FEATURESParticipate in special seasonal events to receive new incentives for the next mission.Go through the levels from low to high to better understand the interior decoration story.Take on quests and go everywhere, decorating hundreds of locations, be it a private room, a house, or an office.Explore the variety of furniture in the store, have them in your pocket.Welcome exciting updates about new features in the game.

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